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Egg Donation

Egg donation is a treatment option for a woman of advanced age, history of poor response to stimulation medication, proved reduced ovarian reserve or a carrier a genetic condition. The donated eggs can be provided either by a fresh cycle of a donor or from an egg bank. The recipient will be prepared for the transfer of the embryo either on a hormonal replacement cycle (treatment with estrogen and progesterone) or on a natural cycle.

The patients who are considering undergoing fertility treatment through egg donation should have psychological, medical, and legal counseling, before starting.

The success rates of the egg donation cycles are high because they are related to the donor's age and only young healthy ladies can become egg donors.

Benefits for having Egg Donation through Gonimon

  • Only anonymous egg donation is allowed in Greece. The donor will never know the identity of the recipient and vice versa. Egg donation in Greece is altruistic. The child will never find who was the donor, even when it reaches the age of 18 years old.
  • You can combine the fertility treatment with a journey to Thessaloniki. Thessaloniki is a magnificent tourist destination, close to the sea and you can enjoy a nice break. Chalkidiki, a famous summer destination, is an hour's drive from Thessaloniki and during the summer months, you can combine vacation and treatment. The combined cost will be still less than having treatment in most countries in Europe.
  • The cost of egg donation through Gonimon is much lower compared to other IVF Units in Europe
  • The recipient will receive 10-15 eggs and 2 blastocysts are guaranteed.
  • Dr. Stavrakis is UK trained and has experience with the UK fertility patients through his work at the Hammersmith Hospital and at the Harley Street. He is the scientific director of the IVF Unit of GENESIS Hosptial in Thessaloniki and manages to maintain high success rates through egg donation.