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Gonimon Fertility has been created by Dr. Thomas Stavrakis. He has worked in some of the most historical IVF Units in the UK, at Hammersmith Hospital and in one of the biggest private Fertility Units in London, the London Women's Clinic, at Harley Street. This particular location in London is long recognised for consultant experience and clinical excellence, with many of the best clinicians in the world operating from this location.

Regarding your fertility plans, Dr Thomas Stavrakis will personally manage your case. He will go through your medical history, review in detail all your previous attempts, if any, and will discuss with you the best approach for your individual case. 

You can contact him at any point during your treatment either by phone or email. 

Dr. Stavrakis will stand by your side during your whole fertility journey. The combination of diligent attention to detail, everyday work ethic, along with the most updated technology guarantees high pregnancy rates and a personal experience.

At Gonimon Fertility, we acknowledge that fertility treatment is an emotional and challenging process. We follow all the clinical standards and guidelines and avoid empirical practices. It is paramount for Dr. Stavrakis and his team, alike in an era of increasing cost-consciousness, to be able to thoroughly assess your case in order to reach treatment goals in the most efficient way. Our team's goal is to offer personalised, inclusive, compassionate care, and leading-edge fertility treatment that will help you achieve pregnancy and create your family. You could surely benefit from an individualised approach, and a detailed treatment plan, sensitive to your needs.

Gonimon Fertility collaborates with state-of-art IVF labs in Greece with proven efficiency which will support your treatment.

You also have the opportunity to combine fertility treatment with a journey to Thessaloniki, which is a magnificent city located in Northern Greece. Thessaloniki is a well-known tourist destination, located by the sea where you could have the chance to enjoy a nice break. Chalkidiki, a famous summer destination, is only an hour's drive from Thessaloniki, where someone could enjoy swimming in magnificent beaches and have the chance to taste genuine Greek cuisine.  The combined cost will be still less than having treatment in most countries in Europe.